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About Us

Why do Business in China?

By some calculations China is on track to become the world‘s largest economy by 2020.
The opportunities arise from this rapid economic growth in the world‘s largest market are very appealing and any man of initiative would want to make his gain.
Though starting to do business in China is likely to be more costly and time consuming than in other markets. Challenges arise because of China‘s size, its ‘gold rush‘ style growth and the fact China has a very different business culture and environment from what we are used to in other markets.
Olive Tree Technology helps its clients to improve their Chinese strategic position by investigating and making the preparations for a successful entry into China, defining the accurate and focused marketing plan and eventually brings a focused sales force and the sales presence in real–time to enable our clients to gain the market share quickly and profitably.

What Makes Us Different?

We invest time, energy and resources into listening to and understanding our customers‘ goals and challenges. It may be a cliché, but we really do focus on establishing solid relationships with our clients. This combined with a commitment to a process that has a well–defined course ending in tangible business benefits will make us your first choice for expanding your business in China.

What is Our Vision?

Our Vision is to be the leader in the Business Process Outsourcing in the quality and range of services which we will provide to our customers in China. Through constant self–examination we will lead in innovation, quality of service, administrative and operational efficiency to drive toward total customers‘ satisfaction.
Our single–minded focus on helping our customers to generate new business in china rapidly – through customized products, active prospect identification, target pursuit, client meetings and deal closing.
We‘re confident this is the reason which will makes us the number–one choice of professional and amateur photographers.

What is Our Mission?

Our Mission is to provide our customers the full scale of business development services in China; From market analysis through customization, localization and support, from marketing strategy to sales and offshore development.

What are Our Values?
  • Commitment – we work very hard, we never take anything for granted and we work fast to make the difference.
  • Creativity – we challenge the status quo, we introduce innovation and we bring ideas from other industries as well.
  • Specialized Services – we provide highly specialized services to a niche market. The high degree of specialization means that our customers can expect the best advice and solutions, based on extensive and unique experience.
  • Liability – we willingly take on the obligation to deliver results.
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